Who Is The Bass Player For Fleetwood Mac

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The summit of his career as a professional musician was, ostensibly, as temporary bass guitarist with Fleetwood Mac. Nevertheless, even during subsequent decades as headmaster of a London.

To my ears, this ‘73 slab captures the best of the Bob Welch incarnation of Fleetwood Mac and perhaps the finest recordings of John McVie. Waxed with the Rolling Stones Mobile, Mac is up in the mix and digs deep into the grooves on his Fender Telecaster bass throughout, as evidenced on the jazzified “Hypnotized,” Christine’s mid-tempo rockers “Just Crazy Love” and“Believe Me,” the then obligatory reggae exercise “Forever,” the Philly soul fueled “Keep On Goin' and “Somebody,” a Lennon-esque reading of “The City,” and the extended riffage of “Miles Away.”.

Introduced to Fleetwood Mac in the mid 70’s, Don was attracted to the rhythmic beat drumming style of Mick Fleetwood and the syncopated drum patterns of his music. Text to voice converter for mac. Having the opportunity to re-create Fleetwood Mac’s music is both an honor and a privilege. John McVie, who is the bass player in Fleetwood Mac, is a really good photographer and he never did anything with it. Free photo booth software for windows It’s just like, “John, why don’t you show somewhere?” I don’t think.


Go Your Own Way is written by Lindsey Buckingham and performed by Fleetwood Mac for their Grammy Award winning, dimond selling album Rumours in 1977. It is ranked No. 120 on Rolling Stone‍ '​s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Lyrics: Loving you Isn't the right thing to do How can I ever change things That I feel?