Siri For Microsoft Outlook On A Mac

Posted By admin On 24.01.19
  1. Microsoft Outlook For Mac 2011

But now that Siri is running my life, Outlook tasks are becoming more attractive. My employer provides access to Exchange from iOS and that’s been great for email and calendar access. Now, Tasks also sync to Apple’s Reminders app. Siri, outlook tasks and onenote I have an iphone 4s and am able to get tasks into outlook via icloud. However, the default list for icloud tasks is different then the one that onenote tasks go to.

I'm on the beta version and the interface to Microsoft teams doesn't exist. In fact, the ability to add voice conference calls is basically no existent except for Skype. I've asked our company to add Skype voice subscriptions but they have a contract with Logmein. Our company uses Open Voice. Which is a Logmein offering with NO MAC add-ins. It seems Microsoft wants everyone to move to Windows which should not be legal.

The Outlook IOS app recently released is even more limited. I can't understand why Microsoft is encouraging information technology teams to lock down active sync when the IOS and OSX apps are so limited. We don't always have a safe place to pull over on business interstates so handsfree functionality is essential to driving safely and conducting business. The 'it can wait' campaign doesn't work for US workers. Companies issues policies about being safe when traveling but we're required to join calls and conduct business while on the road. The Outlook app is missing handsfree safety features to join meetings while traveling like Siri and Google Voice.


Microsoft Outlook For Mac 2011

We're passing laws to prohibit touching mobile phones, yet we allow software manufacturers to create applications to reduce safety when traveling for business. I'm not an advocate of big government, but this is a clear example of what happens when our legislators fail to create laws to strongly encourage companies to implement necessary safety features. We have ADA compliance but no hands-free compliance. We quickly adopt laws to fine people for touching a phone while in a vehicle but aren't solving the root issue. I've attached a simple example/way to add conference call information, other email systems offer. Simply click on the selection box labeled Call-In Number on a calendar invite for IBM Smart Cloud email and you populate the calendar invitation with the call-in information.

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