Sigma Dupe For Mac 239 Brush

Posted By admin On 19.01.19

The following is a list of dupes that I’ve compiled: Face MAC 109 Small Contour Brush $34.00 Rounded dome tip natural fibres • Saphora (Pink Handle) 10 Brush set • Royal Soft Grip 1/2' SG1400 (pink tip) $7.72 MAC 116 Blush Brush $34.00 Full round shape for shading and highlighting • Loew-Cornell 270 3/4' Maxine's Mop (purple handle) $8.49 MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush $34.00 Full round shape for blush or face powder • Loew-Cornell 277 1' Round • Royal Soft Grip 3/4' SG1400 (pink tip) $2.99 MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush $42.00 Two-toned, short, round, flat-topped. Blend of natural bristles and synthetic fibres. • Coastal Scents Classic Buffer Large Synthetic Brush $14.95 MAC 134 Large Powder Brush $52.00 Extra large paddle-shaped brush, fluff and rounded tip. Natural fibre • Loew-Cornell 270 1' Maxine's Mop (purple handle) $11.99 MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush $52.00 Domed, soft slightly pointed tip with round chiseled sides. Natural fibre • Sigma F25 Tapered Face Brush $22.00 MAC 150 Large Powder Brush $42.00 Full, dense, rounded shape • Loew-Cornell XXL Round $6.15. MAC 168 LArge Angled Contour Brush $34.00 Large angled contour • Essence of Beauty Double Ended Brush - Softer than the MAC one MAC 182 Buffer Brush $49.50 Full, dome-shaped. Goat hair • Sigma F45 Buffer Brush $19.00 MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush $42.00 Two-toned large full.

Mac 217 Brush

I still have a few more brush dupe videos coming your way, but for know I hope you enjoy this one.considering MAC cosmetics brushes are so well known & very much loved. But lets be real we all. Sigma Makeup Brushes vs. MAC Brushes Make sure you check out my standalone review for Sigma Brushes, which considers them on their merit and by themselves, not as an alternative to MAC specifically. THe only difference is the SS239 isn't white hair like the MAC 239. You can buy them in the kit or single at and also Loew Cornell Maxine mop(yes paint brushes lol) in 3/8 inch is another dupe for the 239 brush, and it's under $5, it has white hair and works just as goood as the MAC 239. Checkout an interesting post on Sigma Medium Sweeper Eyeshadow Brush E54 which also happens to be a close dupe of MAC 239!

Blending of goat and synthetic fibres. • Ultra Highlighter Brush $26.00 MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush $34.00 Two-toned flat-topped. Blending of goat and synthetic fibres.

Mac 224 brush dupe

The cheapest dupe you can ever find is this cheap and cheerful ebay brush I ordered from Hong Kong. As you can see, it is actually called 217, but they seller isn't trying to sell a MAC replica, just using the same number to get more sales. The shape is very similar to 217, but slightly bigger. Free snippet tool for mac.

It looks like 217's big sister. For 99p, it does a fabulous job at blending powder eyeshadows and I ordered 3 more, just in case this one starts shedding. I have been using it for over 2 months though and it is still in perfect condition:) One downside: just like the Crown Brush C433, it might feel a bit scratchy.