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Now you do have the option to run VMWare or some other virtual host and buy and install Windows on it, and then be able to run some windows stuff on your mac, A 13' screen isn't the best for any. 5 Reasons to Pick a PC Over a MacBook in 2017 for Photo and Video Editing. “I’ve been using Mac and Windows for a long time,” Ortiz says. You’re not going to go wrong with the. This wikiHow teaches you how to copy your iPad's photos onto a Windows or Mac computer. Connect your iPad to your PC. Plug the charging end of the iPad's charger cable into the bottom of the iPad, then plug the USB end of the cable into.

Contrary to Microsoft marketing honcho David Webster's snarky recent assertion, Macs aren't ' -- at least as far as I know. However, lots of extremely rational reasons exist to choose a Mac running OS X over a Windows PC. Macs can leave you happier and more productive than you would have been if you'd bought a Windows system, and feeling you got good value for your money even though a Mac is never the cheapest option.

I'm no hidebound advocate for the supremacy of Macs in every instance -- the last two computers I've bought have both been Windows laptops, and I cheerfully and sincerely wrote an article called to accompany this one. But when friends toss the eternal 'PC or Mac?' Question my way, these are the points I bring up in favor of the Mac. They're listed rough order of their positive impact on your everyday computing experience as I see it. How to add a logo to an email merge word for mac.


Macs are consistently consistent. Windows Vista reminds me of the legendarily inexplicable -- a place with endless wings and far-flung rooms connected by twisty staircases and secret passages. And every time Microsoft does a redecorating job (also known as an upgrade), it moves some stuff around for no apparent reason.

OS X's logical, minimalist interface simply involves fewer things that must be learned and relearned, and Apple messes less with it in new releases such as Leopard. Bottom line: It's easier to get stuff done.

The joy of predictability. Anyone who's ever suffered the indignity known as a knows that Macs aren't bulletproof. But logging thousands of hours both on Windows PCs from multiple manufacturers and on Macs has convinced me that the average Mac is meaningfully less flaky than the average PC. In my experience Macs crash less, suffer from fewer inexplicable slowdowns, deal better with tight memory situations, and boot up and shut down quicker and more reliably.

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I don't pretend to have all the answers why, but it presumably doesn't hurt that Apple is the only company in the business that writes its own operating system and designs its own hardware. Who needs security headaches?