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Whether you want to archive your printed photos, digitize business records, or simply want a multifunctional machine for whatever needs arise, a decent scanner is an invaluable resource. The question is, how do you pick the best scanner? With hundreds of models on the market, from a wide range of manufacturers, how can you sort the wheat from the chaff, and figure out which ones offer the best value for your money?

Among the desired traits for photo scanners are speed, high resolution, the ability to scan slides and film, as well as prints, scan quality, and dust and scratch removal. A flatbed scanner is the most common type of photo scanner, and they can scan photos and documents. Flatbed scanners tend to cost less than film scanners, but you sacrifice image quality. Flatbed scanners tend to cost less than film scanners, but you sacrifice image quality. Some high-end scanners can scan images with a resolution of 9,600 DPI, but this is probably overkill, unless you want to take a small photo and blow it up to a huge poster size. Something in the 600 to 1,200 DPI range is fine for a basic flatbed scanner.

Well, we at BestReviews are here to help. Our mission is to provide fair, thorough, and unbiased reviews so that you, the consumer, can make informed purchasing decisions. To do so, we test items in our labs, gather information from existing customers, consult experts, and do extensive product research. Above you'll find our product list, featuring our top five scanners.

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But first, read on for our full guide to scanners and how to select the perfect model to fit your requirements. Sheet-fed scanner look a bit like a printer or the sheet-feeder on a copy machine. You put documents in at the top, and the machine spits them out the other end, after they've been scanned. • Pros: You can put in a whole stack of paperwork and leave a sheetfed scanner to do its thing. Excellent for office use and high-volume users who need to scan large piles of documents. • Cons: Have a low resolution, so more suited to scanning text documents than images.

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They can also be quite expensive. • Price: Start around $150 for basic models. Professional models for heavy-duty office use can cost more than $1,000.

Best Scanners For Apple Computers

Can my scanner only scan images or documents into a computer? Some scanners can only scan images into a computer, however, others can connect to Android and Apple devices via WiFi and deliver documents directly to a tablet or smartphone. Can I scan negatives with a scanner? Yes, you can scan negatives using a scanner, but with a couple of provisos: it must be a flatbed scanner with a resolution of at least 1,200 DPI, and you need to have a transparency adaptor. What kind of software should my scanner come with?

Different scanners come with different kinds of software that can enhance your scanning experience, and make your life that little bit easier. We've already talked about OCR software that transforms a written document into editable text, but other programs that may come with your scanner include photo editing software with color restoration, software for compiling tax or business reports, and PDF converters. Some software simply lets you manage your scanned documents so you can email them directly to people, or send them to various online locations.

Best Photo Scanners For Mac

Tony Hoffman The Best Scanners for Macs Finding the right scanner for your Apple computer can be tricky. Here's what you need to know, along with our top Mac-friendly picks. There's no secret ingredient in determining the best scanner for your Apple desktop or laptop, as the factors that make a Mac-friendly model great are, by and large, the same as those that set the best Windows scanners apart from the pack. As with any tech product, prospective buyers look for the ideal combination of performance and features based on their needs, and set it against the price. For a document scanner, common criteria include speed, the ability to scan to various formats, the paper capacity of the automatic document feeder (ADF), optical character recognition (OCR) performance, the ability to scan and read business cards, the presence of a flatbed, the ability to scan over a network, and portability.

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