Pc Vs Mac For Video Editing 2015

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Solved Better Processor for Video Editing: iMac 5K (Late 2015) vs Mac Pro (Late 2013)? Solved Should I get a Mac or a PC for Video Editing? Mac book pro 13' w/touch bar vs Asus GL702VM in video. Both Mac and Windows have entry level and mid weight solutions now for video editing. IMovie on the Mac is a wonderful tool but it has limitations and Windows Movie Maker is a free entry level package for PC, again it has its limitations. Bottom line, my PC build is cheaper AND faster for video editing (sometimes by quite a bit) than any Apple laptop or desktop available today. I know there are upsides and downsides to both Mac and Windows platforms, but so far the upsides of speed and flexibility are in Windows' favor.

So I'm only a 16 year old guy, and some of you might not consider my arguments valid simply because I don't have much experience. I'm a film making geek, I make short films whenever I'm bored. I've always been a PC guy, and last year, I had a film making class in high school for one semester (5 months) and the class was full of Macs. I used the Mac, I liked some of the features that the Mac had, however, there were many times that frustrated me during using the machine. I've always thought that Macs always looked better than PC's, but as I've read more about computers, I've come to realize that it's only a matter of personal perefrence and screen resolution.


Pc Vs Mac For Video Editing 2015

You want a glorious monitor on your PC? Buy a 1440p monitor for less than $600. Creating a contact group in outlook 2011 for mac. Cost: I don't think I need to mention this, but i'll do it anyway. You can get a PC that's as powerful as a private jet for half the price as a Mac. Here's a computer build that I'm saving up for, mostly for my 3D animations and Visual Effects: I didn't include a monitor in the list, because I already have one.

Pc Vs Mac For Video Editing 2015 Scandal Videos

So, in total with a regular 1080p 24in monitor, the price will reach $2000. Now, wouldn't a Mac that has these specs cost AT LEAST $3000?

Pc Vs Mac For Photography

Social Status: Everyone kept saying that they wish they had a Mac, simply because it looks colourful and futureistic. After using the Mac at school the first day, I went back home, used my PC again and thought 'I don't see what all the fuss is about.' Conclusion: Explain to me why you Mac people prefer it so much over PC (other than the fact that you're just simply used to it) and tell me why you'd rather spend at least $1000 more on a desktop Mac that will give you the same performance as a PC that costs $1000 less. I'm not trying to create an argument, but I just need to know. Conclusion: Explain to me why you Mac people prefer it so much over PC. Implying that people here prefer Mac's, they are pretty much universally flamed here.