Outlook For Mac 2011 Your Database Could Not Be Rebuilt

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The solution to fix 'Your database could not be rebuilt' issues is rebuilding Outlook database profile. In order to do so, users have to hold 'ALT' key and fro list of option click on MS Outlook icon which is displayed on the dock. Mac outlook has crashed and now needs to rebuild database, but 'Your database could not be rebuilt. Mac outlook has crashed and now needs to rebuild database, but 'Your database could not be rebuilt. [-20997]' appears.Lost all emails and account details. Hi, I am unable to run Microsoft Office 2011 Outlook for Mac. Over the last few. Backup your Office 2011 for Identities database Go to the Document folder location and open Microsoft User Data folder. Mac 2011 Outlook to test out if.


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Hwhat program do i use on mac for invitations. In trying to open Outlook (Microsoft Office for Mac 2011) I get the message: 'There is a problem with the Office database. To use the database, you must first rebuild it using the Database Utility.' After selecting rebuild and letting it go through the steps I get the message 'Your database could not be rebuilt.' I am updated to 14.2.2 (120421). I have not been able to fix this problem with any of the online suggestions I have found thus far.

Can you use microsoft online for mac. The update provides several fixes to Outlook and PowerPoint.

Anyone have a recommended fix to open Outlook and ensure no data is lost? Here is how I learned to solve this problem caused by a SP2 auto-update: • Make sure you are upgraded to Service Pack 2 (SP2) 14.2.1 - 14.2.2 (you can confirm this by opening Word and looking under about Word) • Create a new blank Identity and remove the database (drag to trash) • Quit Outlook. • COPY these Data Records folders from the old Identity to the new blank Identity replacing the new identity folders. Do NOT replace the root Data Records folder. Only the sub-folders listed here. • Contacts • Events • Categories (not folders) • Mail Accounts • Message Attachments • Message Sources • Messages • Note • Signatures • Signature Attachments • Select to rebuild the new Identity in database utility; ignore any message that tells you that you need to rebuild your database while the database utility is working. • Open Outlook and your data should be back.

Copy & paste issues in Word for Mac 2011 I have recently upgraded my software (from WfM 2008). I am unable to copy from any external source (e.g. Excel) to Word just using Command V. Office for mac 2011 problem with copy&paste.

Most resources neglect to tell you to drag the new identity database to trash before you copy over the old identity records. Also, they may tell you to copy over the old identity folders records instead of the categories records, but don't as that is likely to cause a problem; it did for me. I lost my Outlook folder labels I gave them (the folders were labeled as recovered folder 1 - xxx), so plan to redo them. How to create a new Identity How to set Identity as Default 1. Open the Microsoft Database Utility.

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There are two different ways you can recover your data. The first way is basically following the instructions at, however, with the following modification. Do NOT copy the folder “FOLDERS”, but copy “CATEGORIES” instead. This will result in you being able to recover all of your data, but you would lose all you folder names and hierarchical structure. I had 10 folders at the top of my hierarchy, with loads of subfolders inside subfolders inside subfolders etc In total the number of folders I have is 558).