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Instagram roll out around the market with the product such as Instagram for Windows Pc, Instagram App for Mac, Instagram for Ios, Instagram for iPad, Instagram app. Instagram Downloader is a handy app for downloading Instagram videos and photos. Microsoft powerpoint for mac font issues. Instagram Downloader makes the process of downloading videos and photos as simple as it can be.

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Wondering how to post to Instagram from PC or Mac? You’re in the right place To the dismay of people all over the world, Instagram does not allow us to upload photos or videos to our profiles from the desktop site. Word for mac 2016 keyboard shortcut superscript excel. This is an intentional move from Instagram to encourage mobile use of the app and engagement with other users.

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However, for many photographers, influencers and businesses whose content has been taken or filmed on a camera, the task of sending everything from desktop to phone to post manually can be very time-consuming! Luckily, there are a few ways around this issue using third-party tools or clever desktop hacks. We’ve compiled lots of info from the web about how to post to Instagram from PC or Mac and put it into this handy guide!

• Changing Browser User Agent • • • Third Party Tools • • • • Scheduling Tools • Changing Browser User Agent This may sound complicated, but is probably one of the simplest ways to post to Instagram from PC or Mac. It requires no third-party site or download, and is completely free, however, the method is very basic and does not work with video files or gallery posts.

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Instagram For Mac Free

In his, David Coleman explains that ‘the user agent is a piece of code that the browser sends to the website to tell it information about the browser and operating system you’re using’. Essentially, on the desktop version of Instagram you can tell your browser that you’re viewing the site on a mobile, and then the ‘upload’ button that is usually unavailable will appear. Here’s how to do it: (Disclaimer: I’m using Mac so the screenshots will vary for Windows users, but all the same options should be there!) Chrome Open the Developer Tools on your Chrome browser via the View menu Then the console will open. Click on this icon to change the user agent In this drop down menu, select a mobile model from the list of devices. I chose iPhone 6/7/8 This will change the view of the browser to a mobile screen and the upload button will appear Note: if it doesn’t appear straight away, navigate on to a different page and back. The upload button will automatically open your computer’s files Select a photo. You then have the option to rotate and also to zoom out if it’s a portrait or landscape image You have a range of the Instagram filters available, although not the editing tools.