I Only Want Notifications For One Email Account Mac

Posted By admin On 12.01.19

Sep 26, 2012  There is no separate notification for different email accounts configured via the native mail app. I *think* if you download Google's Gmail app to use for one of your email accounts it may provide its own notification, but I'm not certain. It's the same on the Mac and on the Mac it says 'Notifications can only be enabled for notebooks stored in OneDrive'. Well, all of these Notebooks are stored on OneDrive but the only one I'm able to select is the first one which persists on my personal OneDrive yet I'm logged into my Biz Account. You can only select one account here but if you want to see the alert for multiple accounts, don’t worry, we’ll get to that later. Select the action “display a Desktop Alert”. The third one is a specific account to receive newsletter and other industry news. Thus I want to disable the new mail alerts for the third email account.

How to Create a Simple Rule RELATED: If you need to be responsive to certain people, such as clients, your boss, or your family members, you can use Rules in Outlook to receive notifications about certain messages only. Here’s how to set up a rule that only shows email notifications from a certain sender. Microsoft sculpt keyboard change function keys for mac. The easiest way to set up this rule is to find an email from that person. For this example, I’ll set up a rule to notify me when I receive an email from my boss, because emails from your boss are always important, right?

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So, I’d right-click on the email from How-To Geek’s editor-in-chief, Whitson Gordon, and select “Rules” and then “Create Rule” from the popup menu. In the “Create Rule” dialog box, select the conditions on which you want to receive notifications about new email. Best radio app for ipad.

I only want notifications for one email account mac

I want to get immediate notifications about emails I receive from Whitson, so I select the first check box. I also select the “Sent to” check box and make sure my name is selected from the drop-down list, so I’ll receive notifications for emails sent from Whitson directly to me. If you don’t want to be notified of emails where you’re CC’ed or one of several recipients, select “me only” from the “Sent to” drop-down list.

Click “OK” once you’ve made your choices. A “Success” dialog box displays with an option to “Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder”. I want to find out what emails are in my inbox from Whitson, so I select the check box. The “New Mail Alerts” dialog box will appear, demanding immediate action. I currently only have one email from Whitson in my inbox, so that’s the only one listed on this dialog box.

However, if there were more emails from Whitson, they would all be listed here. If you want to view an email directly from this dialog box, select the email to view and click “Open Item”. Click “Close” to close the dialog box. The “New Mail Alerts” dialog box stays open until you click “Close”, even when you open an email message from the dialog box and then close the message. How to Create More Advanced Rules When creating rules, you can select from additional, more specific options than are available on the main “Create Rule” dialog box. To do so, open the “Create Rule” dialog box, as described earlier in this article.