How To Use A Photo As An Icon For A Harddrive Mac

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  1. How To Use A Photo As An Icon For A Hard Drive Mac
  2. How To Save A Photo As An Icon

Pdf architect 5 for mac. You can put the icons for drives on a Mac's desktop by adjusting Finder's preferences. Dong Ngo/CNET This is a simple tip for Mac users.

Once you grab all the required icons, the next step is copying it. Don’t you know how to copy a file on Mac? Suppose the name of your icon file is intel.icns, you have to right-click on it and choose Copy intel.icns. Step 3: Next you have to paste the copied file. Open Finder and then access your computer under devices. Don’t forget to make sure that the hard disk whose icon you want to change is. The best of this trick is whenever you need to see your photos on your mac you just need to open photo library app on your mac it will automatically take you to your saved photos in external hard drive until unless it is plugged in.

How To Use A Photo As An Icon For A Hard Drive Mac

New Macs ship with a clean desktop, meaning you won't see icons for the computer's main drive, external drives plugged into the USB port, or network drives and so on. This can also be the case if you just upgraded your old Mac to the latest version of Mac OS. Without these icons, browsing for files stored on these drives or network locations can be annoyingly difficult. Here's how to quickly get those icons back onto the desktop. Click on the desktop, this will invoke Finder (meaning you're working with Finder directly). Now use the Command and comma keys: press and hold the Command key then press on the, key. Best sega genesis emulator for mac os x. This brings up Finder's preferences.

(Alternatively, you can also click on Finder at the top left corner of the screen then choose Preferences). On the General tab, which is the very first tab, check the boxes of the types of drives (Hard drive, External disks, DVD or network drives) you want to be shown on the desktop.

How To Save A Photo As An Icon

After you locate icons online that you want to use to personalize your Mac, download them to your computer. Quicken for mac 2018 torrent. Each icon set downloads as a disk image (.dmg) file, which is automatically converted to a folder when the download is complete.