How To Undo Page Numbers In Word For Mac

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Then, to enable page numbering for chapter 1 and beyond, you'd open the header (or footer, depending on where you want the page number to appear). On the Header And Footer toolbar (that Word. You can remove page numbers in your Word document by manually editing the header or footer that contains them, but Word offers a specific function to remove these numbers automatically.

  1. How To Remove Page Numbers In Word For Mac

I have been trying to get Microshaft word 2008 for Mac to start page numbers only on page 3. I have a title page, a table of contents, and then the body of my document. I have created a section at the bottom of the table of contents. Then in the footer, to the next section, I have tried to insert page numbers. BUT it routinely adds page numbers to the bottom of the first section as well. SO I have page 1 on the title page, page 2 on the table of contents; then I have page 1 on the first page and so on. Click to expand.

Congratulations - you are trying to do some of the most complicated things in Microsoft Word. And I am NOT kidding. The page numbering feature has been broken in the Windows versions of Word since - ever. And I don't expect the Mac version to be any different.

There are howtos and knowledgebase articles explaining how it can be done, but in my experience, none of them ever really worked. I assembled a master thesis once by breaking the original Word document into multiple Word documents, each with its own numbering. Then I PDFed them and (re-)joined all those PDFs into one PDF file which we handed to the printer (meaning a person, not a device).

How To Remove Page Numbers In Word For Mac

I must add that the numbering in this paper was a bit more complicated and required multiple pages -without- a printed page number in between; that was a layout requirement. The thing is: Microsoft Word 2003 for Windows couldn't do it and nothing worked as it was documented by Microsoft. Come on guys, it's easy. What you do is break the link from the previous section and then you format page numbering and start at page 1.

For example, you have a few pages (or one) that are your TOC. Click insert>break>Section break next page. The bring up headers and footers. There's the icon for headers and footers called 'link to previous.' Click on that and it breaks the link to the previous header and footer for the first pages you had. Then click the format page number icon and click start at page 1.

Afterwards I had no problems. Apogee one for mac review.


Then click insert page number. Inserting Page Numbers on Other than First Page using Microsoft Word for Mac 2008 Inserting page numbers starting on page other than first page Type entire document in one section.

If you must have page breaks, make sure you use ( Insert/Breaks/Page Break). Do not use section breaks or you’ll have a hard time numbering pages. Do not insert page numbers until your document is in final format. Even then, save a copy of the document without page numbers so you can go back to it if your page numbering gets “out of control.” You'd think the uber-intelligent writers of these programs could overcome the awkward page numbering system, but. Here's how you do this with what we have.

On the page before the one where you want to start numbering, place curser at bottom of page and insert a continuous section break (Insert/Breaks/Section Break (continuous) 2. Move to the page where you want numbering to begin. Open Header/Footer by clicking on View/Header and Footer 3. Place curser in the footer then open the Formatting Palette. You must complete step 2 above before opening the Formatting Palette to get the Palette to show Header and Footer information. And you must put your curser in the footer for the Palette to show what you need ( View/Formatting Palette/Header-Footer ) 4.

In the Formatting Palette click on Header-Footer and it opens to show where you can make adjustments. Uncheck the box for “Link to Previous” 5. Place curser in the footer of the page where you want to begin numbering 6. In the top bar of your screen, click Insert/Page Numbers then adjust settings for position and alignment. Be sure to uncheck “Show number on first page” 7. Click “Format” then check the radio button for “Start at” and type in the number of the page PRECEDING THE PAGE where you really want to begin your numbering. For example, if you want to begin numbering on page 13, type in the number 12 and make sure the box is unchecked for “show number on first page.” The number 13 should show in the footer of the page where you want to begin numbering.