How To Scan Network For Mac Address

Posted By admin On 21.12.18

I work in the security devices industry and most of my work relates to IP cameras. Each camera manufacturer has their own software that scans the network for their cameras and gives details about those cameras even if they have no assigned ip address. The problem is that sometimes we go to sites that have cameras from different manufacturers and the people there don't always know what makes they are or even where they are (large sites obviously) so for us trying to reconfigure those cameras gets a bit tricky since you always have to have all the software from different manufacturers with you all the time. Is there a way that I can scan the network and find the mac and ip (or self assigned ip) addresses even if no ip address is assigned? Ideally I'd like to know how to do this with Windows, but linux might be ok too. Samsung ml 2510 series driver for mac. Possible ways: • Download and install NMAP and run.

Nmap -sP Assuming you IP range is • Ping the networks broadcast address, which will get every host to reply, but only if they have a working IP. Then check your ARP tables. • If you can get access to the switch. Check MAC address and or forwarding table.

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• If you know the port the camera is connect into, connect that port into a hub (disconnect from current switch). Also connect a laptop with wireshark running into the same hub that will give you a list of all MACs on that hub, then you can eliminate the laptop and hub MAC. It might also be useful to get a list together of all possible manufacturers and get the MACs of 2-3 devices you have knowledge of. Make a XLS list and you will notice that MACs from each manufacturer usually have similar characters apart from the last 4. This will help you eliminate non Camera MACs and help identify particular manufacturers. This tool is a windows application that is similar to the NMAP command in that you can scan and entire IP range for MACs. Again this will only work if the device has a IP range.

If you have no access to switches to get ARP tables, your last resort can be physical access to the cameras: all cams I've seen had a sticker or other label with serial number and MAC-address, unless someone removed these labels. Also, if these cameras sending their signal somewhere, there must be a kind of list with their IPs and so on. Another way: recently I installed onto my android tablet the software 'IP cam viewer lite' by Robert Chou. It scans the network for different models of IP-cams, and does that reliable enough. Knowing the IP-address boundaries of the network in question, you may run nmap tool for ping-scan of this range. And, yes, nmap is available for Windows (ask guys from Spiceworks team).