How To Remove Password At Login For Mac

Posted By admin On 29.12.18

Is avast for mac worth it. • Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu (), then click Users & Groups. • Click the lock, then enter account password.

If you aren't logged in as an administrator, you're asked to enter an administrator's name and password. • Click Login Options. • Choose an account from from the “Automatic login” pop-up menu, then enter the password of that account. The account is now set up to log in automatically when your Mac starts up. You might still be asked to log in manually after logging out, switching back from another user account, or locking your screen.


Edit content control word 2016 for mac. Mar 26, 2014  when i got my mac i put a login password then decided to remove the password by leaving the password blank, now it still ask for a password (just hit enter) since the password is blank. Anyway to remove the start up login password?