How To Move A Heading On Word 2016 For Mac

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How to do a heading on word
  1. How Do I Make A Heading On Word Document

Outline View helps you manage a document’s structure and headings without getting lost in the text. In Outline View (click View > Outline), you use Outline Tools to move and edit headings, change heading levels, and move text around. You can also control how much detail you see. By Dan Gookin. Word 2016’s heading styles are numbered Heading 1, Heading 2, on down to Heading 9. You use them to identify different parts of a document, but they also take advantage of other Word features.

This Microsoft Word 2016 tutorial shows you how to move rearrange reorder and arrange pages by using the navigation pane in MS Word. I cover how to use the headings section of the navigation pane to move text to another section and move entire sections to another place in your document.

Finally, I show you how to use the nav pane to view entire pages at a time, then how to search for specific text in your documents.

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How Do I Make A Heading On Word Document

Changing the page order in a Microsoft Word document isn't as simple as it might seem. Although Word create pages and even assigns page numbers for printing, the text and graphics in the document aren't tied to particular pages. Recent files list excel for mac 2016 not working. In many cases, your best bet for reordering pages is to simply cut and paste the contents of the page to a new location within the document.

If your document uses heading styles, however, you can take advantage of Word's navigation pane to rearrange entire sections of your document by dragging and dropping.

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