How To Compress Mov Files For Email On Mac

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  1. Compress Video On Mac

Of course, it is preferable that the files would be processed without losing any quality. If you are new to compressing files, it can be challenging to figure out which video-compressing app is right for you. Movavi Video Converter offers you a convenient way to compress MOV files.

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Developed by Apple, MOV is a highly compatible video format with Apple iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iMovie and more. And there must been some video files and movies in MOV on your Mac. The following paragraphs will show you ways and tips to resize MOV file size so as to save your space, no matter on your Mac or on your iPad.

Compress Video On Mac

Best Way to Compress MOV File on Mac iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe is an intuitive video tool which can convert any video in all popular formats and customize the output video settings with ease, which means you can both convert MOV to any other format which can save the same video in smaller file size, or customize the resolution, frame rate and more to reduce MOV file size. 3,981,454 people have downloaded it How to Reduce Size of MOV File on Mac No matter what option you choose, MOV compression will be done in 3 steps: Step 1. Add MOV video files you need to compress Directly drag & drop your MOV files to the Mac program. Alternatively, you can go to 'File' > 'Load Media Files' to import your MOV files to this software. Ready to compress MOV video Convert MOV to another file format which will save the same video in smaller files size. You can open the format list by clicking the format icon on the item bar, then the video settings window will appear, click the format box in the middle to drop down the formats list, select a proper output format.

FLV is recommended here because it's a hot file format which enables you to save long videos in small file size. If you want to keep MOV as your video format, you can re-select MOV from the video formats list and back to the video settings window, click 'File' > 'Encode Settings', lower down the video resolution. This will also reduce your MOV file size.

Save MOV video after compression At the last step, please click the 'Convert' button to finish the compression process. Suggestions for Common Video Compression Settings What will influce the video size: Normally the size of a video depends on the Codec, Resolution, Frame Rate and Bit Rate.

You only need to set these options to make your MOV smaller. If you want to compress MOV to email, DiVX can be a good choice as output format/container. The video of this format will be much smaller than the original MOV file. For those who wants to compress MOV to iPhone/iPad to save the space, only reset options like resolution and bit rate can be a good decision. FLV is also recommended here because it's a hot file format which enables you to save long videos in small file size. There is no compression setting that is suitable for all users. The requirement differs from desired output dimensions, computer performance, specific compression artifacts and many other aspects.

Here're some suggestions that might help you to make the best video compression settings for you. Compress MOV as H.264 in MP4 format is recommended. The compressed file size totally depends on the compress bit rate.

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Normally, the smaller video you wan t, the lower bit rate. The bit rate also controls the image quality.


Please mind that the image will totally be d estroyed if the bit rate is too low. In most situations, the resolution of 640 * 480 is enough. It depends on your requirement. If you want to compress MOV to Youtube or Vimeo, below are Recommended MOV Compression Settings for Youtube & Vimeo MOV compression settings for Youtube MOV compression settings for Vimeo. Part 2: Top 3 Tools to Compress MOV File online Sometimes the overall size of a MOV video file might become too heavy especially when it is required to be sent either by mail or on via a platform.

Hence there is the need to compress MOV files Online using a MOV compressor. Below are top three ways to compress MOV files with the aid of an online MOV Compressor.

Clipchamp is not just a free MOV compressor, it can also serve as an online editing tool for videos. It can compress MOV files free and also several other video formats as well. Pros: • Clipchamp can compress MOV file to MP4 online and several other video formats. • It can save compressed file to local disk or upload them to Google drive, Facebook, Vimeo etc. • No input file limit.

Cons: • It requires Registration to use. • Requires extension to save files to storage. It does not matter whether you want to compress MOV on Mac or you are in search of a MOV compressor for Windows, Zamzar is just the perfect tool for you. It can be used for compressing MOV files or even to compress MOV files for email. Pros: • It is completely web-based. • It has a simple and easy to understand user interface. • It can be used to Compress MOV file size.