How Do I Find The Mac Address For My Kindle Fire?

Posted By admin On 10.01.19

This guide shows you exactly where to find the IP Address of the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV Edition television. New Interface (Software v5.2.4.0 and newer) • From the Fire TV device’s home screen, scroll to “Settings”. • Next, scroll to the right and select “Device”. • Next, select “About”. • Next, scroll down to “Network”. Your Fire TV device’s IP Address will be listed on the top right as a set of 4 numbers separated by periods.

When entering this IP into an application that requests it, enter all 4 numbers including the periods. Old Interface (Software v5.2.2.0 and older) • From the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick’s home screen, scroll down to “Settings”. • Next, scroll to the right and select “System”. • Next, scroll down to and select “About”.

Go to the Kindle Fire’s home screen. Go to the upper-right corner and select the Settings icon. Towards the bottom of the screen, select Device. Go to the Wi-Fi MAC Address section and you will see the device’s wireless MAC Address. I lost my Kindle Fire, however, I can find out who has it by tracking the MAC address. I am in Afghanistan and the WIFI provider has the capability to find out who is using my device by tracking the MAC address. Kindle / Kindle Touch / Kindle Paperwhite. Tap the Menu button on the home screen. Select Settings. Tap the Menu button again. Select Device Info. Scroll down to find the Wi-Fi MAC Address. If you get an app like Fing you can do a scam of the network to find devices with their IP and MAC address shown. It's a great app I always use to see what kind of load a wifi network I've recently joined to see what kind of load it will be under.

Microsoft office home and business for mac 2011. • Next, scroll down to “Network”. Your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick’s IP Address will be listed on the first line on the right as a set of 4 numbers separated by periods. An update for microsoft office starter 2010 When entering this IP into an application that requests it, enter all 4 numbers including the periods.

• If this guide was helpful, please consider. I have a fire stick that I love and has been working perfectly for 6 months. Until yesterday.I installed a new wireless gateway from Comcast (an upgrade) and all my wireless devices worked great except firestick. It would not connect to the network although I did everything to get it to connect.power cycled, reentered password, looked at security. Called tech support.but it continued to cycle through signal strength very good then to “out of range” disconnected. Then I saw Charles Farley’s comment on bypassing the networks and connecting through the wps button.

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It worked perfectly! As far as I’m concerned, its all magic but I have my firestick back.

Thanks Charles. I bought an Amazon Fire Stick but the same day my son bought me one also.

I explained this to Amazon and they refunded me an accepted the stick back. I installed the device and the first problem I met was that Amazon refused to help because they said (quite truly)that I had not bought it from them! Next my Samsung TV hit a problem with the remote starter button. I stripped the TV and replaced the four 1000mf 16volt capacitors with four 1000mf 50volt ones and the TV was back – no problem. But the Fire Stick would no longer work!!! After three weeks of having no TV I’m learning new things about myself.


First and most important is that I am not dependent on TV. So to hell with Fire Sticks and Fire TVs and all the rest of that stuff I just tinker with them now – for FUN. The Amazon FireTV is reporting the IP address, but the Kodi app itself is reporting that it is using

To connect via the Yatse app on my phone, I entered a static route into my wireless router to point to the IP address that the Amazon FireTV stick is reporting/using (in other words, to get to network /24, use Then I configured my Yatse app manually – added the new host ( I made sure that I entered a password and username on the Kodi app to secure the app as much as possible. Hope this helps everyone!