How Do I Enable Network Access In Bluetooth For Mac?

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  1. How Do I Enable Network Access

To enable File Sharing on your Mac, open the Sharing pane of System Preferences and select the option for File Sharing. Windows computers and Macs can then see your computer on the local network. When you connect from a Mac using OS X Mavericks or OS X Yosemite to another computer using file sharing, your Mac automatically tries to use the Service Message Block (SMB) protocol to communicate. If SMB is not available, it tries to connect using Apple File Protocol (AFP).

To enable File Sharing on your Mac, open the Sharing pane of System Preferences and select the option for File Sharing. Windows computers and Macs can then see your computer on the local network. On the Bluetooth Service Selection window, place check marks in the boxes for Network Access This individual service can be further configured by clicking to highlight the service and then clicking Configure. Although not advertised, it is possible to connect your Mac to the Internet through a Bluetooth Access Point. I suppose here the access Point provides PPP LAN access. 0n 10.2.5, use the Bluetooth Serial utility (installed in Utilities folder) to create a new port.

To connect to a Mac or Windows computer that is sharing files on your local network, look under the Shared section of any Finder window. You can also access local file shares from Open and Save windows and sheets. To connect to a file server directly, use the Connect To Server feature of the Finder. Select Go > Connect To, and enter a URL, IP address or DNS name. You can attempt to force a specific connection protocol (such as SMB or AFP) by using a valid URL.

How Do I Enable Network Access

To disable a device in Device Manager, open Device Manager, expand the Network adapters section, and right-click or tap-and-hold the entry that corresponds to the network adapter to find the Disable option (enabling devices is similar). Click on Network and Internet. In the left pane, click on Flight Mode. Under “ Wireless Device ” and then “ Bluetooth ” change the switch from off to on to enable Bluetooth and switch it from on to off to disable Bluetooth.

As long as the server you are connecting to allows the protocol you specify, the URL should work. Smb://ServerName/ShareName afp://DOMAIN;User@ServerName/ShareName. • When entering a URL, the name of the shared disk, volume, or directory you are attempting to connect to (share name) must be specified. You are not prompted for it. • You cannot type spaces as part of a share name when connecting. In place of any space in the share name, use%20. • When troubleshooting a connection issue, you can ping the IP address of the other computer using.

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How do i enable network access

A successful ping verifies a TCP/IP connection between the two computers. This is an important first troubleshooting step when there's no response or a timeout for a connection attempt, since SMB connections involving a Mac require TCP/IP. However, a successful ping does not mean the SMB service is also available or working from the other computer. • Check Microsoft support resources for information about setting up file sharing on your Microsoft Windows-based computer. These may include Help files installed on your PC, or the Microsoft online. • When troubleshooting an SMB connection issue, use Console in the Utilities folder. Console logs can help advanced users identify an issue. Some log files may appear only when logged in as an administrator.

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