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Posted By admin On 15.02.19

Giants Editor 6.0.3 32-64 bit - A new version of Giants Editor is available for Farming Simulator 17!Giants Editor 7.0.0 download Here is a new version of Giants Editor. Version: v 6.0.3. It's a great tool for developers who are creating / editing mods for Farming Simulator game. I I opened the scene that was causing the crash, then opened editor.log with notepad++, it was on line 172, then closed the file and clicked run the game. When I reopened the editor.log there 200 lines (about 30 new lines) the last message was: 'Unloading 835 unused Assets to reduce memory usage.

>> Category Feature Requests Created 03:43 Peter Lamontagne (unknown) 03:43 I would really like to be able to edit maps on my mac. Oliver Smith (unknown) 18:35 Me too.

Is there any chance to get a native editor? And pls no bootcamp as alternative:-) Ben Sherratt (unknown) 09:38 it would be great if giant made a mac version of the editor. Vasco Patricio (unknown) 13:29 Does Giants Editor can run on mac? Brad Lewis (unknown) 12:31 I guess no one cares about Mac. They made the game to work for mac, so why not the editor?

Wyatt Kraft (mysushi9) 16:10 Would be nice to have a Editor for mac. Stefan Bosscher (unknown) 22:02 i think you guys are right. I would love to have it when it was existing Jonathan Volmer (unknown) 03:43 for those of us out there who only have a mac it would be nice to have the giants editor for mac, for those of of who love to create our own mods n maps n create something new that there isnt already 100 versions of. Maximilian Damm (unknown) 19:49 eich wess doss net Colin Buckle (unknown) 04:36 +1 for me as well. Looking forward to the day when GE is available for MAC as that it the only machine I use and I refuse to install an emulator (or bootcamp for that matter) just to be able to run one or two windows applications.

Giant Editor For Farming Simulator 2015


A very useful feature of the GIANTS Editor is the scenegraph. If you don’t have it on the screen, just go to menu window and hit scenegraph. It is basically the same you have in Maya. Example of specific words. It shows all objects you have in your scene and also the parent-child relationship between your objects.

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Daniele Cuttini (danidx) 21:50 Please create the editor for Mac I beg you, please Joshua Williams (ZomBSlayr) 22:42 Wondering if Giants is ever going to follow up on this. Sounds like all talk and no action. Brian Maack (KcaamKarma) 16:30 Guess we still don't know if we can have a map editor for mac. It would be very nice to have.:/ /KcaamKarma A Murray (am98712) 06:12 Please make on for Mac. Really wanting to create some things. Sean Morissette (smorissette) 18:53 please make ge for mac i make my own mods but have to send to others when its ready for ge Robert Sell (MisterGenius) 11:28 ME TOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Note: Log in to post.