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Even in 2018, MacBooks still have tiny hard drives that fill up quickly. Luckily there are quick and easy ways to free up space on your hard drive. Here’s how to clean up your Mac and reclaim some drive space. You can obviously free up disk space by simply doing a cursory find-and-delete for big files and other things that you’ve downloaded, but realistically that’s only going to get you so far. Most of the wasted space on your Mac is only going to be reclaimed if you look at lot deeper—cleaning out language files, removing duplicate files, deleting attachments, clearing temporary files, or emptying all of the Trash cans. If you fail to keep your Mac’s hard drive clean, you’re eventually going to get the dreaded “Your disk is almost full” error, so you may as well start now and clear up some space.

How to Clean Up Your Mac the Easy Way If you don’t feel like spending a bunch of time to find and clean things up manually, you can use to get rid of temporary files, clean up extra language files, uninstall applications, get rid of extra files left behind by application uninstallations, find and get rid of big attachments stored in Mail, and a whole lot more. It basically has all the features of the cleaning applications we talk about in this article, but in a single app—with the exception of finding duplicate files, which you’ll still want to use for. Luckily it’s the same vendor that makes Gemini 2. And of course, there’s a free trial that shows where your free space has gone and lets you clean up some of it for free.


They have a single button to clean up everything, but we’d recommend going into the details to make sure. Note: before running any cleaning tool, you should make sure that all of your important data is backed up, just in case.

Designed with speed in mind, Duplicate File Cleaner is a forthright macOS utility that enables you to quickly and effortlessly scan, find, manage, and get rid of duplicate files on your Mac’s hard-drive. File cleaner free download - Dr Cleaner, Mountain Lion Cache Cleaner, Android File Transfer, and many more programs.

Find and Remove Duplicate Files One of the trickiest things that can take up lots of drive space are duplicate files littering up your computer—this is especially true if you’ve been using the computer for a long time. Luckily there are great apps like that can be used to find and remove duplicate files with a really slick and easy interface. You can buy it on the App Store if you want — Apple had this one as their Editors’ Choice, but you’re probably better off, because they have a free trial available there. Global replace text color in word for mac. There are a lot of other choices on the App Store and elsewhere, but we’ve used this one and had good results. Empty Your Trash Cans The Trash on a Mac is equivalent to.

Free Windows 10 File Cleaner

Rather than permanently deleting files from within the Finder, they are sent to your Trash so you can restore them later if you change your mind. To completely remove these files and free up the space they require, you’ll have to empty your Trash. But Macs can actually have multiple trash cans, so you may need to empty several. To empty your user account’s main trash can, Ctrl-click or right-click the Trash icon at the bottom-right corner of the dock and select Empty Trash. This will delete all the files you sent to the trash from the Finder. IPhoto, iMovie, and Mail all have their own trash cans. If you’ve deleted media files from within these applications, you’ll need to empty their trash cans, too.