Excel For Mac 2016 Not Saving The Settings

Posted By admin On 11.01.19

I'm using Word 2011 for Mac. Microsoft office for mac 2011 download. It pastes as plain text. This happens even when copying/pasting within the same document. When I copy text from a Word document and paste it into another location, all formatting is lost.

  1. Excel For Mac 2016 Not Saving The Settings Menu
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20 time-saving tips for Office 2016 for Mac Office365 subscribers have spanking new versions of all the Office apps, and our tips and tricks will make the easier to use than ever. Had to reinstall OFFICE 2016 apps today because none of the apps were saving preferences. Reinstalled Excel today. Created a workbook. I now cannot save the workbook - settings are greyed out. Aug 10, 2017  Install Mac OS X updates followed by Office updates. Install Mac OS X updates first: To get Mac OS updates, go to the App store on your dock, and then click the Updates button to reveal available updates. Then Install Office Updates. To get the update: 1. Open any Office application: 3. Make sure your Mac has a working internet connection. Mar 30, 2018  Does excel for mac 2016 have this feature it would really help out if it did. You can look in the Excel Options by clicking File / Options / Save and see if the AutoRecover box is checked. Also the Mac operating system could have an autosave feature, but not having ever used a Mac, I am just guessing at that.

Excel For Mac 2016 Not Saving The Settings Menu

This is not auto-save however. This simply sets the interval at which Excel will generate an auto-save file should there be a crash. If you close without saving, this file is immediately deleted. If the crash doesn't meet Microsoft's definition of a crash, the file is deleted. If you don't open Excel properly the next time, the auto-recover won't show and the file will be deleted. What most people want, myself included, is a true autosave.

Once you create a file, name it and save it once, it will continue to save it again at a set interval. Microsoft does not offer this option.

Hi, What is the OS X Version and what is the Word 2016 version? Please make sure both are the latest version and then check if this issue continues. Did you get any error message when it failed to save or save as? Does the issue occur when creating and saving a new file or only when editing and trying to save an existing file? Does this issue happen to other Office programs, such as Excel or PowerPoint?

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In addition, some users were able to fix a similar issue via uninstalling and then reinstalling Office, you may also have try. Please let me know the result. Regards, Steve Fan TechNet Community Support Please mark the reply as an answer if you find it is helpful. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact. OS X and Word are all latest versions with most current updates. No error messages, just doesn't save or save as. Sometimes it will give me a save pop-up when I close the document, but not always.

It is both saving a new file and editing existing files. I tried to covert the documents before trying to save to see if that helped, it did not. I don't use excel or powerpoint, but I tried them for this purpose and things saved fine.

I literally just installed this program a month ago, I have already uninstalled and reinstalled. Still not working. Same problem. Music keyboard for macbook. Happens intermittently, but resolves itself when I restart Word and the computer. At the moment, I have a document with lots of track changes and comments that isn't saving and I didn't realize it until hours later. While I can restart the computer to get Word to cooperate again, I need a way to save this file before I do that.

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I can copy and paste it into TextEdit and save that way, but then I'll lose all of the track change and comments information. Any suggestions would be appreciated.