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Posted By admin On 03.01.19

Excel for Office 365 Word for Office 365 PowerPoint for Office 365 Excel 2019 Word 2019 PowerPoint 2019 Excel 2016 Word 2016 PowerPoint 2016 The Document Information Panel has been removed in Office 2016 applications. However, a new feature is available that makes it easy to edit SharePoint properties in your Word documents. Office 365 users who get monthly updates (Current Channel) already have this feature and it is coming soon to other update channels as well as to all users of Office 2016. To use the new SharePoint Properties feature in Word, on the View tab, click SharePoint Properties.


To view and edit document properties within other Office 2016 applications, use the Info tab found on the File menu within Excel 2016, Word 2016, and PowerPoint 2016. Documents in a SharePoint document library, on a Web site, or in a public folder might have associated document library properties. Microsoft office for mac 2011 update 14.7.7. When you create a new document library, you can define one or more document library properties and set rules on their values. To view and edit associated document library properties in your Office 2016 applications, follow these steps.

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• When you open a document from a document library in Word 2016, Excel 2016, or PowerPoint 2016 that contains associated document library properties, you'll see a warning notification beneath the ribbon. Click Edit Properties to view the document library properties. • Office navigates you to the Info tab in the File menu. You can also reach this tab by clicking File > Info. Click Show All Properties to view and edit the document properties in the Properties section.

All required properties from the document library are outlined with red borders on the Info tab in Word 2016, Excel 2016, and PowerPoint 2016. • If you attempt to save your document and you have not provided information for required document properties, you won't be allowed to save your changes to the document library and you'll see a dialog message explaining that some of the properties are missing. Click Go To Document Properties to have Office navigate you to the Info tab where you can provide the missing properties. Free flash video converter for mac os x. • If you are missing required properties in your document, you'll also see a message bar beneath the ribbon indicating that you can't save to the server until you provide the required property information.