Double Underline In Word For Mac 2011

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Subscribe Now: Watch More: Double underlining in Excel on a Mac requires you to first select the content you want to adjust. Double underline in Excel on a Mac with help from an Apple retail expert in this free video clip.

Double underline in word 2003

The “Ctrl+ U” refers to single underline and “Ctrl+ Shift+ D”, the double underline. Method 2: Run the Word Macro At first, click “Developer” tab and then the “Visual Basic” to bring about the VBA editor. Mac OS X (10.4.10) Posted on Aug 11. You can apply a double underline under a word but the top line of the double underline is a good portion up in the letters. Aug 20, 2015  Apply underline on text with the help of shortcut key. You will also learn how to change line's color. So watch this video and help yourself. 👉For more visit my channel PC Shastra. Microsoft Word enables you to underline individual words -- or entire document sections -- using ribbon and menu options, as well as keyboard shortcuts. While you're at it, you can even apply different kinds of underlining -- such as single, double, decorative, words-only and blank-space underlines. In Excel 2011 for Mac computers, Microsoft provides you with two different double underline styles that you can apply to cells on your business worksheets.

Double Underline In Word Shortcut Key

Expert: Skylar Kelly Filmmaker: Patrick Russell Series Description: Apple is making some of the most powerful electronic devices on the planet, but you still need to learn the ins and outs of each machine to get the maximum amount of value for your dollar. Get tips on Apple products with help from an Apple retail expert in this free video series. Remote desktop for mac server 2012

Proofreaders’ Marks It’s a little-known fact that dashes come in different sizes. Most folks know about the hyphen, but fewer are familiar with the em dash and the en dash. The length of the em dash corresponds to the width of the letter m: —.

The en dash is the width of the letter n: –. The hyphen’s just an itty bitty thing: –. Here they are side by side: — – – Now, when you’re typing away in a word processor and fire off a couple of hyphens in a row, they’ll magically change into an em dashmost of the time. Sometimes, however, you’ll end up with a couple of hooligan hyphens where your majestic em dash ought to be. That’s when you need the proofreaders’ symbol for the em dash: En dashes just aren’t to be found on your keyboard, and they come in quite handy when you want to indicate a range of numbers: 1–10 for instance. Most of the time, though, people end up putting a hyphen here, because they don’t know where to find the en dash. When you spot that hyphen you can mark it up with with the en dash mark: Here are the em dash and en dash proofreaders’ marks at work: Sharp-eyed readers will notice that I’ve used the close-up mark above my em dashes and my en dash—that’s to indicate that there shouldn’t be any spaces between the dashes and the adjacent characters.

How Do You Double Underline In Word

So how the heck do you get those dashes into your document to begin with? Well, it’s pretty easy. You can either find the dashes in the catalogue of symbols in your word processor or, if you’re lazy like me, use these keyboard shortcuts: That red pencil still burning a hole in your pocket protector?

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