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Posted By admin On 11.01.19

The best free video player for Mac should be free of ads, virus, malware, spyware. Born with slick and directive interface is the basic feature of the best free video player.

If you want to choose the best video player for and then we will help you out. There are multiple video players available with unique features, which is why we can not decide the best video player easily. We often need the video player to watch videos like to see the tutorials, movies, etc. Boundary fencing display program or app for mac. We always get video player integrated with OS, then why use other players instead of default player? Well, the answer is simple as that the default Video Player lacks many features.

The default Player can do a decent job, but they lack subtitle support, 2K and higher video playback, etc. So you may have got an idea why we should consider another Best Video player for Windows and Mac.

Best Video Player Features These are some points that you should check before choosing the best Video Player for your device. • Subtitle Compatibility • Track Synchronization • Play Higher Resolution Videos • Custom Interface • Online Stream support • Multiple Video Format support • Audio File support • and many more Best Video player for Windows & Mac. So here is the list of best Video Player recommended for you and personally reviewed by our team.

VLC Media Player VLC is the very popular Video Player and it is the favorite Media player for most users. You can easily get it for your Device for free. It is the open source software by Videolan Project. The Video Player is pleasant and very efficient for Video surfing. The interface of the VLC Media player is simple with many helpful customization tools. So if you are looking for the best video player with Audio file support and the efficient player then you can go for VLC Media player without thinking much.

It is also one of the. Pros: • Cross-platform • Free and Open source • Multiple format support • Subtitle support • Track and subtitle synchronization • Ad-free • Video and Audio filters Platforms – Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS 2. KMPlayer A very handy video player available for cross-platform. The KM player is one of the best video player that you can find on the web.

It has all the features of a basic Video Player with the addition of some cool features. You can get it for free from KM Player official Site. The size of the Video player is small which is about 38MB.


But the features are a lot more than we can think. The KM Player is a unique video player which is very interesting and useful. Pros: • Free • High-Resolution Video support • Multiple Video Format Support • Cross-platform • Multilanguage support • Subtitle support • Screen capture • Inbuilt codecs Platforms – Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS 3.

Free Video Player For Mac

GOM Player A very interesting Media Player with some ultimate features. The ultimate features include Playing a broken Media files. And it can also find missing codecs through codec finder service.

GOM Player is a very effective media player by GOM & Company. The Video Player is available for free to download. GOM Lab also provides GOM Player Plus but it is not free. Although the free version is enough, it comes with extreme customizability and support. It is very old and responsive Video Player and it deserves a place in Best Video player list. Pros: • Free to use • Ad-free Video player • Play 360 degrees VR video • Subtitle support • Video Effects • GOM remote support • Support multiple video format Platforms – Windows, Android, iOS 4. Media Player Classic A classic and small size Video Player with great features. It is developed by Gabest and Doom9 forum users.