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Powerful Architectural Design Mac Software If you are looking for 2D CAD, drafting, technical illustration, architectural design, drawing and more, look no further than MacDraft. Our easy-to-use CAD software package provides you with all you will ever need at a fraction of the costs of other applications. Parallel line and polygon tools make it easy to create exterior walls. Add interior walls with a mouse click using the parallel extrude tool. There are also special tools to create lines tangent, perpendicular, and parallel to edges. Alternatively, lines can be automatically drawn from the center of an object, as well as from the middle or end points of a line or edge of an object.

At Punch!CAD, it is our mission to make computer aided design software that matches up perfectly with your needs, regardless of your industry or expertise. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, CAD drafter, 3D printing expert, furniture designer, student, or DIY hobbyist, you can always find the right tools for the job. Powerful Architectural Design Mac Software. If you are looking for 2D CAD, drafting, technical illustration, architectural design, drawing and more, look no further than MacDraft. Our easy-to-use CAD software package provides you with all you will ever need at.

You’re right Olga partly (since almost any software seems easy after you came to master it – that’s regarding to Vector Works being relatively easy) I presented my experience with these software, since I’ve tried every one of them. Of course each person is different, and what might seem hard to me, might be piece of cake to you or somebody else or of course, vice-versa. That being said, yes! You are right about autocad and 3ds max, I didn’t use Revit. Sketch Up is awesome for 3D modeling, but the article focused more on high end professional software for architects, more focused around floor planning and landscaping.

Cool video player for mac. Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts, really appreciate it. Well, for starters is not so intuitive as ArchiCaD for example. I mean you can’t find your way around it in a couple of hours like you can with others software. Even Sketchup. Me personally I read the manual of Vectorworks and watched a couple of tutorials before I could actually make the things I wanted with the software. It’s also a bit challenging if it’s the first architectural software you’re using, because it has a lot of commands and options for basically everything you could think of. That was one of the things that I loved about it.

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Also the fact that I saw some amazing architectural projects made with this software by senior architects at my university. So what I’m trying to say, is that this software is probably not suited for everybody, since the learning curve can be a pretty steep for some.

Architecture Design Software For Mac

But if you’re a techie guy, and you’ve learned AutoCAD pretty fast, you can give Vectorworks a go;). Hey Dan, would you say that the ranking is the same on a Mac? I am studying architecture and for the past 3 years I always hear about new programs been launched. Autocad seems a fairly professional program for plans but the 3d platform is a puzzle and the renderings are not so professional. Archicad seems easy to handle but the outcomes are kind of childish So far i’ve been designing solids in autocad and then importing in 3ds max for renderings the problem is that: one program is on a mac and the other on a pc, and it’s hard (especially if you have to correct a little mistake). Best synth plugins for mac.

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So which program would you say is the best to know as a future architect looking for a job? Hey Vilia, there is no right or wrong answer to your question. There are much variables that must be considered when learning to use a particular software like: what does your employer work with, or has a license for, what are the standards of a particular architectural studio when it comes to presenting their floor plans, etc. I worked for a lot of time with Allplan (very similar to Autocad, but superior in some areas – just my personal opinion) and with Cinema 4D. You can create the entire project in Allplan, and export the 3d model to Cinema 4D. The cool part about it is that all textures you’ve applied in Allplan will keep their scale and position in Cinema 4D. The compatibility between the two is amazing, and you can directly export your model back to Allplan from C4D.