Apogee One For Mac

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APOGEE JAM 1 channel A/D Guitar Interface for iPad & MacMeet JAM JAM brings the legendary sound quality of Apogee to iPad®, iPhone® and Mac. Now guitarists can have a pocket-sized, plug in and play interface at an unprecedented price and experience ultimate tone with the guitar amps and effects in Apple’s GarageBand and Logic Pro or other compatible applications. Apogee's reputation for sound quality is near legendary, and the One offers 24‑bit audio at sample rates of up to 48kHz and a mic preamp with 48V phantom power. Installation & Impressions The supplied driver DVD requires Mac OS 10.5.7 or higher and only about 34MB of space. Apogee ONE for Mac格安通販!.車用品・バイク用品を検索する、検索結果を今すぐ!,! Apogee ONE for Mac超大特価,車用品・バイク用品を検索する、検索結果を今すぐ!.

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It's tiny, shiny and everything you'd expect from an Apogee interface. The Apogee One is a little brother to the two‑channel Duet and comprises a single‑channel audio interface in a very compact and stylish enclosure. The One is USB powered and features a mono input, stereo output and built‑in microphone, as well as a prominent multi‑function continuous encoder knob. Apogee's reputation for sound quality is near legendary, and the One offers 24‑bit audio at sample rates of up to 48kHz and a mic preamp with 48V phantom power. The supplied driver DVD requires Mac OS 10.5.7 or higher and only about 34MB of space. Installation is very straightforward and is completed by a reboot. One minor issue for me at this point was the length of the supplied USB cable.

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I know that a lot of potential One users will have laptop systems, but my Mac is located under my desk and the cable wasn't long enough for me to have the One anywhere near to where I would ideally have wanted it. Not a major problem, but still frustrating. Once I had connected the One, I launched the bundled Maestro software and was presented with the Maestro Control and Maestro Mixer pages. Given that the unit is a mono‑input, stereo‑output device these are, understandably, very simple.

The Mixer displays a meter, fader and mute/solo buttons for the single input and 'From Software' channels, with a slightly larger meter displaying the overall 'To Hardware' output level. Maestro Control, on the other hand, has gain controls for both the input and output levels, and the input is selectable between Internal Mic, External Mic, External 48V Mic and Inst(rument). Turning to the inputs and outputs themselves, the internal microphone and instrument inputs offer 45dB of gain, while the external microphone has a gain range of 10 to 63dB, which is quite healthy. In addition, there is a switchable 48V phantom power option, although I wonder how much additional drain this would involve if your laptop was running on battery power. An XLR and a quarter‑inch jack input are provided via a supplied breakout cable, which does much to reduce the size of the One (the unit measures just 120 x 60 x 25mm) and is an increasingly common solution for small units like this.